Songs Kate listens to while burning your house down.


she’s got a boyfriend anyway: a playlist for girls who love girls, mostly covers and acoustics. [listen] [photo cred]

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anakinsw asked: hey, i just listened to a bunch of your fanmixes while doing my homework and, man, i loved them so much you have no idea. i was wondering if you had any song suggestions for a queer warrior couple? well, not exactly warrior couple, more like one's the warrior and the other is the peace-bringer. think xena and gabrielle. i hope i'm not bothering you but your mixes are all so perfect i thought you were the best person to ask.

thank u so much, im glad u liked them! it takes me a couple of days to actually look for songs and finish a fanmix so i think ill get back to u on the xena thing, i might post a mix for it next week :)

anephemeralx asked: Hey :) i really like like your playlist, you made my day, even your 8tracks profile. It´s a pleasure

thank you so much! :))

Inspiration for a queer romance of the hauntingly beautiful and devastatingly mysterious damsels of the sea.

dreamy female vocals ♪♫

Inspiration for a queer Bonnie & Clyde-esque bayou romance.

The long hours, pale street lamps, heavy drinking and breaking your girl out of prison.


Anonymous asked: i appreciate your fanmixes so much because even if you always include not so popular artists i end up liking the song/band and its nice to know great new female artists, so thank you x

This is so sweet, thank u so much! :))

a mix about queer unrequited love ♪♫

"It’s worse when you know the girl you spend every moment thinking of, the girl who makes you nervous and giddy, the girl who has to notice you for you to feel there, could never, ever feel the same way.”

i think about you - [listen] [dl]

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CRIMINAL: songs for female villains and cruel women. [listen]