PEOPLE  ARE  S T R A N G E ; a creepy covers mix // listen
001. white rabbit (jefferson airplane)– patti smith 002. sweet dreams [are made of this] (the eurythmics)– emily browning 003. bang bang (nancy sinatra)– 2cellos + sky ferreira 004. bela lugosi’s dead (bauhaus)– nouvelle vague 005. house of the rising sun (traditional + the animals)– lauren o’connell 006. people are strange (the doors)– johnny hollow 007. material girl (madonna)– kmfdm 008. toxic (britney spears)– yael naim 009. back to black (amy winehouse)– beyoncé + andré 3000 010. apologize (onerepublic)– within temptation 011. girls just wanna have fun (cyndi lauper)– chase holfelder 012. crazy in love (beyoncé)– kadebostany 013. raining blood (slayer)– tori amos 014. smells like teen spirit (nirvana)– scala + the kolacny brothers

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Inspiration for a queer Bonnie & Clyde-esque bayou romance.

The long hours, pale street lamps, heavy drinking and breaking your girl out of prison.


Anonymous asked: i appreciate your fanmixes so much because even if you always include not so popular artists i end up liking the song/band and its nice to know great new female artists, so thank you x

This is so sweet, thank u so much! :))

a mix about queer unrequited love ♪♫

"It’s worse when you know the girl you spend every moment thinking of, the girl who makes you nervous and giddy, the girl who has to notice you for you to feel there, could never, ever feel the same way.”

i think about you - [listen] [dl]

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CRIMINAL: songs for female villains and cruel women. [listen]

Anonymous asked: can u pls post a download for glowbug's version of maps? i loved it


80s infused after party mix for amerikate ♪♫ 

 ”If The L Word was written in 2014 and set in Québec, you’d have Féminin/Féminin.“

watch the entire first series  listen to the amazing soundtrack ♪♫ 


.001 | The Cold Touch Of Leather (Lesbians On Ecstacy)
.002 | Girls (De La Montagne)
.003 | Stella (Les Incendiaires)
.004 | I Love It (Icona Pop)
.005 | Sisters In The Struggle (Lesbians On Ecstacy)
.006 | That G Word (Syzzors)
.007 | Closer (The Knocks Remix) (Tegan & Sara)
.008 | Spinning Signs (Painted Palms)
.009 | My Love Is Real (Divine Fits)
.010 | Coup De Dés (Les Incendiaires)
.011 | Rain (Syzzors)
.012 | Synthetic Rug (De La Montagne)
Title: Not A Love Song (acoustic EP version)
Artist: Uh Huh Her
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