Music picks from Broad City season one


GIRLS LOVE GIRLS — take a look at my girlfriend, she’s the only one i got. [listen] [dl] [art]


► GIRL MEETS GIRL songs that, whether by design or serendipity, are about ladies loving ladies LISTEN

I’m the girl you die for (listen)

"But if you must be clever, then be clever. Be brave. Sleep with fists closed and shoot straight."


Fluffy, dancey, jangly, dreamy music by women and girls for you to listen to while you dance naked in front of your mirror, paint your nails baby blue with silver glitter, hand-stud your black leather vest, take silly pictures of your dog, dream about kisses both hard and soft, shop online for the perfect pair of ballet flats and re-organize your collection of vintage My Little Pony figurines.

Anonymous: your jamie moriarty mix made me start listening to classical music. your blog is awesome you are awesome <3

aw yeah that’s great and thanks!

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oodlyenough: your jamie mix is rockin' btw, I rarely ever think to listen to piano pieces but every time I do I think about how I should do it more often.

thank you so much! those are my favorite pieces ever… im glad you liked it :3

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Anonymous: nice url :) whats the meaning behind it?

thanks! it’s a song from chelsea wolfe

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a mix for plotting murder over tea  //LISTEN//

a jamie moriarty inspired instrumental mix. (strings & piano)


i fucking miss this show, so here are some music picks, enjoy! :3

brother - the organ | explode - uh huh her | goldfrapp - ooh la la | damien rice - cannonball | tori amos - a sorta fairytale | tegan and sara - a love type thing | standing in the way of control - gossip | rufus wainwright - hallelujah | ella fitzgerald - let’s do it, let’s fall in love | ladytron - playgirl | le tigre - on the verge | heart - no other love | the jealous girlfriends - lay around | magneta lane - the constant lover | sleater kinney - jumpers| catlow - kiss the world | tegan and sara - so jealous| complicated - the cliks | pink - long way to happy | nina simone - do i move you | pj harvey - down by the water| feist - honey honey | goldfrapp - ride a white horse | the ting tings - fruit machine | salt n pepa - push it| kate nash - play | portishead - roads